State of Mind Presents: Robaire


#Robaire and his ‘Magic for the Intelligent Mind’ is more than the slight of hand, conjuring and hypnotism magic you may know of. Robaire targets an intellectual crowd; a crowd that is a little skeptical about magic in general, but by the end of his show, they get it, they understand that it’s all art, and that it’s all performance and illusion!

Robaire doesn’t claim to have psychic powers, or to be super natural. Everything he does, he does within the laws of science with the natural abilities we all have.

Robaire’s performance schedule is now booking for the fall and winter months. Don’t be left out in the cold, and book a memorable corporate event or private party and take advantage of special low rates. Mention this post and save 20% on the booking fee!

If you have seen Robaire in person, you may still be talking about it to family, friends and colleagues long after his performance. If so, please like, comment and share this post and tell others what you think of his performances by leaving a review on Google or Facebook!


A member of The Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, California, and the Association of Canadian Magicians, when not delighting audiences Robaire is a lawyer and partner in a well respected law firm in Ottawa and Halifax, Canada.

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