The following testimonials are from audience members who attended corporate or private events featuring Robaire’s State of Mind performance—Magic for the Intelligent Mind:


I had the pleasure of seeing Robaire last Friday evening and I felt both enlightened and completely baffled at the same time! If you are looking for something a bit different, both sophisticated and intellectually stimulating, then don’t hesitate to book Robaire or attend one of his shows. His presentation is excellent and whilst he doesn’t claim to perform any ‘real magic’, the things he does seem to defy explanation?! It’s one thing to see this type of thing on TV, but when you witness it right in front of your eyes whilst participating, it is something you won’t forget in a hurry!

-Paul Warren at a private performance, June 2018


Robaire never fails to entertain and astonish. Barry and I frequently reflect on some of his amazing performances and continue to be baffled. It is a joy to see someone do such marvelous and unbelievable ‘magic’. Robaire is a master mentalist.

-Martha Nabatian at a private performance, June 2018


To say that I was impressed with Robaire would be an understatement. Robaire blew me and the rest of the audience away with his feats of mentalism or what he calls magic for the intelligent mind! Over his performance, we witnessed amazing things! I am still telling everyone about it! From reading our minds, to predicting what we would do, to even picking my favourite and lucky card with ease, Robaire does it all and he works the crowd and includes so many people, its really neat! Robaire is a small private gathering entertainer but i have also experienced his show at a corporate event too! In fact, i am going to recommend my office books him for our corporate entertainment needs again this fall, he is that well received! Without hesitation, you need to book Robaire, he is legitimately one of the coolest shows you will see here in Ottawa and unlike anything you have seen or experienced either! Well done Robaire, thanks for the amazing time! All the best, and see you soon!

-Chris Mustakas at a private performance, June 2018


If you are looking to inspire and riddle an intimate group of guests, book Robaire! If you are looking for an interactive and intelligent evening to impress clients, book Robaire! If you are looking to entertain and mystify an entire venue of patrons, book Robaire!

-Caitlin Cooper at a private performance, June 2018


Robaire will keep you transfixed from the very moment he begins. Whether you believe in magic, illusions or “tricks”, it doesn’t matter. What you are seeing cannot be explained. OF course Robaire states that if it cannot be explained, then he couldn’t do it. Whatever, I can’t explain it, figure it out or even hazard a guess at how he does it. In my book, that means it can’t be explained. I think what I enjoy the most about watching Robaire’s “State of Mind” shows is the commentary. He adds some context or history or in some cases, the why he chose a particular “trick” to perform.

Robaire tells everyone up front that what he does is for the intellectual, the person who understands yet wants to better understand. I have seen Robaire numerous times and each time I am cemented to my chair and firmly focused on what he is about to show us all.

If you have an opportunity to attend a performance, I encourage you to go and find yourself in a different “State of Mind”!

-Chris Hughes at a private performance, June 2018


Your performance was outstanding last evening.  You have such wonderful stage presence and you totally “wowed” everyone.  You truly look and sound the part of a “mentalist”.  Kind of mysterious, handsome and in control of all around you.  Adorable actually.  And Katrina was PERFECT.  Where did she get that dress!  You have the whole performance package aced.  Loved it.

– Meredith C. at the Children’s Wish Foundation fundraising gala, March 10, 2018


Karen and I came out tonight with four guests to watch Robaire do the impossible. He accomplished that, and more, leaving us astonished, mystified and baffled, but also wonderfully entertained, as well as grateful that the evening was entirely in support of the Children\’s Wish Foundation. Good on you, Robaire

– Norman Bowley, JD, LLM, TEP, Communications Consultant & Key Note Speaker at the Children’s Wish Foundation fundraising gala, March 10, 2018


Robaire’s performance at the Children’s Wish Foundation event on Sat. March 10, 2018 was exceptionally intelligent and suspenseful.  Robaire’s rational approach to mentalism is refreshing and alluring.  Robaire is a remarkable person with an exceptional gift that he shares with his community.  But, one would have to agree with him that the true magic act is the very event of raising funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation.  Bravo, Robaire!  The event ended on a perfect cadence.

–  Mark Nyvlt, Prof. of Philosophy, singer/songwriter and authour of “Aristotle and Plotinus on the Intellect” (2012, Lexington Books).


-Mike Courneya, Bronson Johnson (President & CEO)

– Suzanne Cyr, Rimikon Inc. (CEO)

Robaire performed for our staff event and our minds are still reeling! Robaire provided an experience filled with showmanship and pure entertainment! Whether your event is big or small, I highly recommend State of Mind for a night you won’t forget!

– Mike Courneya, Co-Owner, Bronson Johnson Eavestroughs

Twice this summer, we had the pleasure of witnessing Robaire’s amazing “State of Mind” show. To say that we were blown away both times is an understatement. Robaire performed some frankly inexplicable (to us anyway) feats and to this day we are still wondering how he knew what he knew! He says it’s not magic but… If you want to experience something that borders on the miraculous, book one of his shows for your next party. You will not regret it, and your guests will definitely have something to talk about!

– Jerome and Nisha Scullino Owner, Jerome’s Photography

Lucie and I were thoroughly entertained to a magical evening of Robaire’s mentalism – Our final thoughts on the show were, “How did he do that?!”

–  Mike Zabchuk, Account Manager, Sales, Walton Capital Management

For those who are interested this is a testimonial regarding the business “State of Mind”. I had the pleasure of enjoying a presentation by Robaire at our recent Christmas party. At the beginning of the show I was skeptical with regard to what to expect. I am a science graduate and engineer and all events have a reason to occur. The card tricks presented were not the standard tricks i.e. find a card in a hat type. These dealt with card orientation and placement and tracking. The number of combinations or permutations required to follow the dynamics would be extremely complex to say the least. However Robaire was able to  complete the trick successfully every time.

But what I found most interesting was his ability to determine solutions to mental situations i.e. cards picked  and transferred to other people, items identified by quests not disclosed, documented on paper sealed in envelopes, yet Robaire was able to identify the items in questions because the people were thinking of the item or situation.  I found this most intriguing  because I could not determine any method which could be successful other than be able to interpret thoughts in the mind of others.

I would certainly recommend “State of Mind” to any group looking for entertainment and though provoking demonstrations.

– Christopher Black P. Eng, B.Sc.

Mafanway and I along with our daughters Bronwyn and Morgan were mesmerized by your magic show at the Christmas Party on Friday night. We greatly enjoyed your jokes and how well you included the audience and made everyone, young and old, feel they were a part of the show. There was mystery aplenty and a great time was had by all. We would of course endorse you to all of our friends. What a wonderful addition to any office Christmas Party your “State of Mind” show would make. Thanks and all the best. Gaetan & Mafanway

– Anthony Gaetan Buttigieg, Managing Partner, AGB LAWYERS

“WOW… what a magical evening… A highlight appreciated by ALL GUESTS was unequivocally your entertainment for its unique & professional approach, the seamless transformation into the unknown and for having them experience a new journey that made a difference! Many chats occurred well after your departure and it’s exactly what we wanted as an outcome of your visit and that your name be forever recognized & remembered with our celebration.”

– Louis, L. (Wedding Reception)

“Unless you find yourself in Vegas taking in a big show, akin to Chris Angel or David Blaine, you simply aren’t going to see anything like this around! Check out Robaire live and watch closely, very closely, because you won’t believe what he does right before your eyes!.”

– Keith C., Lawyer

“Truly unbelievable! I have no idea how Robaire did this. I keep going over it in my mind and it still doesn’t seem possible.”

– Simone, R.

“I was fortunate enough to have attended a recent BNI Christmas Party at which you performed on November 30th, 2012, at the Southway Inn in Ottawa and wanted to comment on your show. Simply put…fantastic! Your performance was thoroughly professional and incredibly entertaining. The numerous rounds of exuberant applause from everyone else in the room that night shows that I wasn’t the only one who was amazed over and over again…”

– Todd Bernard, General Manager (DAWG 101.9 FM Radio)

“Robaire’s performance at the BNI Christmas party was the highlight. He had the audience memorized and in awe. His mentalist show made us all believe again that there is such a thing as magic.”

– T. Lussier, Organizer, Business Network International (Christmas Party 2012)

“Guests at the party were very impressed with Robaire’s abilities and “tricks”. They loved his show. He was very professionnal and friendly and handled himself very well as small groups of people gathered to be amazed through the evening. Some people came back for seconds as they didn’t want to miss a thing ! Great review and comments in general from the clients. Two thumbs up!”

– Daniel B. (Brookfield Energy Corp. Christmas Party, 2011)


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