Robaire takes State of Mind virtual!

Hi everyone. My name is Chris Mustakas.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been climbing the walls since last spring because of COVID-19. I mean, just how much Netflix can one person watch!

Who would have thought we’d still be in this situation just as we’re entering the prime season for parties and get-togethers?

But we don’t have a choice. We have to adapt and find new—virtual—ways to get together and have fun.

So, if you’re dreading a long and boring winter, I have the solution, a way to bring excitement, energy, and MAGIC to your virtual office party or holiday get-together:

It’s called State of Mind.

Mentalist Robaire has wowed diverse audiences in Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver, Ottawa, and dozens of other cities across North America. Now, for the first time, this exciting, interactive experience is available to anyone, anywhere!

You might have seen similar displays of mentalism on America’s Got Talent. That’s the kind of amazing, thought-provoking magic Robaire can bring to your virtual event—at a fraction of the normal cost.

Now anyone anywhere can enjoy Robaire’s LIVE State of Mind show with just a few clicks and a webcam—and maybe a deck of cards and a calculator, too. All without leaving home.

Raising a glass and spending time with others while also enjoying Robaire’s engaging State of Mind show is a GREAT way to celebrate that is both easy and affordable!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the videos from Robaire’s past performances, one of which shows the effect he had on me. (Spoiler alert, I swore a few times.) Check out ‘Stolen Thoughts’ on Youtube here.

If you’re planning a family party, a corporate event, or just a regular office get-together, Robaire’s State of Mind is the perfect way to ensure your guests have an entertaining experience they will be talking about long after the party is over.

Please help us get the word out and share this video with your HR person, your boss, your family’s party planner, or anyone you know who owns a business or works in a large organization and tell them, “Hey! Do I have a great party idea for you!”

Stay healthy, stay safe, and enjoy a new STATE OF MIND this holiday season. and


Ottawa Magicians and Mentalists

What do Ottawa Magicians and Mentalists have in common? They entertain their audiences and make them wonder whether what they are experiencing is real, or simply an illusion. For almost ten years, Robaire has wowed audiences in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, New York City, and Las Vegas with his Magic for the Intelligent Mind and while his holiday party schedule is quickly filling up, call Robaire at 613-875-2500 or email to inquire on her corporate party or private party availability.

Check out Robaire’s State of Mind Google Reviews and watch this 60 second clip on whether magic is real or an illusion.


Robaire’s ‘Stolen Thought’

Robaire has spent nearly ten years developing his own style of mentalism or what he calls ‘Magic for the Intelligent Mind’ and Robaire’s ‘Stolen Thought’ is an original effect he is very proud of.

Watch as Robaire picks his audience member’s lucky card from the deck of cards and so much more.

Recorded live in Ottawa, Ontario in June 2018.

To book Robaire for your private party or corporate event, call 613-875-2500 or fill in this form:

    Robaire’s Triumph Effect

    Robaire performs the ‘Triumph Effect’ at a private “State of Mind” mentalism show on June 29, 2018.

    The Triumph Effect is when a deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled. Half the cards are turned face up, the other half remains face down, and these two halves are riffle-shuffled together so they are randomly intermingled face up/face down. Two spectators each choose a freely selected card from the mixed deck and put their cards back in while Robaire’s eyes are shut and head turned. They each shuffle the cards again. Then, while the cards are still in their hands (Robaire has not touched them since they were freely shuffled by the spectators), the spectators spread through the cards to discover that every card is now face down, except for their two selections.