The Magic

Robaire using his magic for the intelligent mind to predict the outcome of his effect


Robaire’s magic is an ingenious infusion of intellect and illusion, reality and mystery, presence and transformation. His is the magic of the mind—the magic of “mentalism.”

Unlike other forms of magic that rely entirely on gimmicks, props, sleight of hand and levitating objects, Robaire relies primarily on connecting with the thoughts and minds of his audience. Supported throughout the performance by the lovely Katrina, get ready for an experience that will captivate and unnerve you all at once.

Watch closely as Robaire trades in the currency of ideas—ideas transmitted and received mind to mind at the very speed of thought. Then ask yourself the question: “Is it real? Or is it an illusion?”

To Robaire, the question answers itself: “Reality and illusion are both states of mind.”

Albert Einstein wrote, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” From the time of Plato, we have known that we live in a world of appearances and illusions. For Robaire, “Magic is a special place suspended between reality and illusion—a world of wonder, mystery and enchantment where the laws of space and time, cause and effect, are momentarily suspended.”

Are you ready to transform your state of mind?

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Examples of Robaire’s Magic

Group Think – Robaire opens his show with an extraordinary demonstration of subtle psychological influence that engages each one of your guests and leaves them collectively bewildered.

Robaire’s Any-Card-at-Any Number – This is Robaire’s version of “The Berglas Effect.” From a shuffled deck of cards, you will call out any card you wish and your partner will call out any number between 1 and 52. Both selections will be an entirely free choice. Your card will be at the exact number position number in the deck that your partner called out.

3×3 Divination – It doesn’t matter which 3 digits are chosen or by whom. It doesn’t matter what number a spectator might circle while Robaire is blindfolded. With uncanny precision, Robaire will announce the correct answer every time.

The Meaning of Life – With the aid of a few numeric cards and a smartphone, and without any influence whatsoever by Robaire, two spectators, on their own, will reveal the meaning of life… You don’t want to miss this one.

Book Test – A spectator will freely choose a book from several on display, open the book to any page, and read a freely-selected passage quietly to herself or himself while Robaire is turned around. Robaire will reveal the word or image that the spectator just read.

Long-Distance Telepathy – Days or weeks before the show, Robaire will send a sealed envelope to you (the host) which he will ask you to initial, date and bring with you to the show. During the show, he will ask a randomly-selected spectator with a smartphone to call any person she or he knows, and the person on the other end of the telephone, without any hint or prompting, will reveal the artifact hidden in the sealed envelope.

Robaire and the lovely Katrina are available for a wide range of corporate and private events—from Christmas parties, conventions and fundraisers to wedding, birthday and anniversary parties.

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